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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  December 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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has an antitrust exemption, stay tuned for cavuto, good night from new york. neil: president romney. i am neil cavuto, go ahead laugh, i tell you mitt romney is suiting up. he could make a compelling case he should be suiting up. he is only republican that makes a better run than hillary clinton. so, could mitt be it? could the third time be the charm? don't laugh, republican fund-raiser said that money guys
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in party are not. they are looking at him more seriously? >> wow, you know they are. there was a lot of buzz did it this summer will possibly mitt romney run again, h he is saying and his wife is saying he is done, but now, i even saw a facebook page, i am sure they did not set up, it has 15,000 likes on a photo, compare to ronald reagan, where he ran a third time and won. neil: i get that on my facebook page with people that like me. benefit he has tied to money guys. they think he did run a poor campaign last time, what would change that view? >> as a fundraiser working with candidates this last cycle, one thing, you will remember, mitt
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romney was number one serogate. a lot of people wanted mitt romney to raise money for them, i know asa hutcheson, had mitt romney come, did a huge fundraiser with mitt romney. a lot wanted mitt to come, and raise money for them, that should tell how popular he is among g.o.p. people running looking for an endorsement. and raising money off of mitt romney. neil: you could make an argument too, but you are the expert, so many are considering running, including former governors, all throwing their hats in the ridge. he is probably figuring 30 guys in ring then like 30 guys running for prime minister of italy, then what the heck. i have nothing to lose, right? in a feel this crowded, i, emerge the inevitable front
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runner? >> there, there are a lot of factors, mitt romney proven, we know everything about mitt romney, he has run twice. a lot of things he has predicted especially with foreign affairs have come true, people are saying if he was the president, he could have fixed foreign affairs more palletible, second. the economy, job creation, that is manage that president obama has failed on. that is where people thought that mitt romney would have been a far better choice. neil: and reagan, third time was the charm, nixon a former nominee comes back to be a winner, but it a tough road, you think it is doable. >> because if you take polling, that is happening right now, he is number one candidate that -- that could beat hillary clinton.
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but other thing, second and third like christie, and jeb bush, jeb bush, has got kind of a -- gone cross ways with a lot of people on g.o.p. on immigration, and on education. where he stands there. these are points where mitt romney could rope in the rest of g.o.p. that wanted to go that direct, have them in his camp. that is important, you know polls go hand in hand with money. neil: all about pluralty in early stage. noel thank you very much. >> forget about assumeing that romney runs for republican nomination, how about hillary clinton gets the democratic nomination, no less than massachusets governo governor pk said it not a sure thing. >> the narrative that it is inevitable is off puting to regular voters, people read inevitable as entitlement, american people want and should
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want their candidates to sweat for the job. neil: charlie gasperino, has long been seeing hillary is not a sure bet, joining lizzy mcdonald, and max for is and tracy byrnes, what do you make? >> they say, she does not know what the economy is going to be like in 2016. there are a lot of question marks, they think she is leaning toward running. neil: this is the time. >> they think she will do it but there is a lingering question, she will inherit a lot of bad stuff from this president. can she overcome that. right now, you see hunger games, reservoir dog inside of the democratic party if you want to talk about.
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neil: i heard about your performance on imus. >> well, we'll talk about that later. you have patrick saying we should have ran toward the president not away from his policies. >> easy for him to say as outgoing governor. >> yes, and democrats lost that state. there is a big fight going on about what direct they take, this cannot be sitting well with hillary clinton, i think if you are going to bet, she is going to do it. neil: tracy, she will not be the democratic nominee, i don't know who will be? >> i think you say same on both sides, seems like no one. neil: no, i am not. >> you are not? neil: i don't know what i'm saying, what you are saying? >> i think that hillary clinton appears board with option of it. and to patrick a points,
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american people want someone so excited to fix this country, get in there. neil: is that more mitt romney? >> put people to sleep her and mitt romney. >> the thing with mitt romney, he has to come out now, say, for the good of the country, i am running again. neil: but if he does not say awful things like charles does in an interview. >> thank goodness for that. >> what do you? >> she does not want to come across like royalty, this is her job. neil: she really condition win in this scenario. >> not how popular she is in party, the candidate is how unpopular she is in other party they get people to vote. they get someone neutral like mitt romney who is a little milk toasty to some.
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i think she drives a lot of voters to the other side, she will get a lot of votes but she makes people who would sit on a butt during the election, vote against her. >> you know, really clinton, when shih does not talk -- she does not talk her tolerateings go up, and when she starts talking they plunge. patrick had it right, he said make the case, why you? can she run in her experience? what is it? vast madge fee of senate bill -- majority of senate bills would have passed anyway. neil: someone has to tracy's point. >> can she run on experience or is she democratic dick cheney, she gets things done? >> dick cheney was qualified, hillary clinton is qualified. she has done sometimes decent
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job, representing this state. i am not a big fan of her politically, her problem i don't think is experience, i think she is a lousy candidate. >> she is. neil: very good from afar, far from good in the race. >> i'm a journalist, i like to define my terms, mitt romney is not running if jeb bush is running,. neil: i don't buy that any more. >> you think they go toe-to-toe. neil: yep like christie. >> rumble, rum bem i rumble in - catfight in the country club. neil: i would avoid a catfight. >> you think that elizabeth warren will run but not hillary clinton. neil: i don't know what to tell you, i know that barack obama was running he was the a gifted
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oedorate or. someone emerges who will look like a same able alternative. >> hillary could run with the i'm going to be first female president of the united states, i am that tough chick. neil: every prominent female who does that -- >> that is not enough. >> here is where your analogy with obama does not work. neil: oh, really? okay, make your final shot and then final appearance. >> when "newsweek" mattered, barack obama of the on the cover, about 3 dozen times we don't see that type of prom prominence, among any of the lefties. neil: you did not see that for bill spadea. >> he is not a -- bill clinton.
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>> he is not a lefty. >> neil, you really could that elizabeth warren would bump her off. neil: i don't know. >> the guy from maryland? >> i don't think are right. >> it can't be warren. >> rumble in the grey poupon. neil: who do you want to be president of united states, hillary clinton, mitt romney, me? let me know, we never had an italian president. >> not yet. >> it is shy time. neil: can you imagine, how we would handle things. >> president bow wows with top leaders on ferguson at the white house.
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neil: protives keep rolling on, on a royal at white house, president obama meeting with largely african-american ministers to discuss what to do, what to say about events like ferguson. deputy always good to have you, sir. you know there has been a clamoring for president to go to ferguson, you say that would do more harm than good. >> well, first the president can
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go anywhere he wants, this is nothing more than theatrics, white house knows it, it looks good when president visits a city struck by a hurricane, but nothing ever comes of it, ferguson, missouri has been a city for a long time, president has been president for 6 years, and ferguson never registered on his radar screen, all of a sudden he wants to go to ferguson, i invite him to milwaukee, wisconsin, and walk him around, he a will find the same conditions, they exist in most urban centers where the liberal policies have done nothing more than keep people addicted to government handouts, those are conditions that a catalyst like a police shooting happen ignite things like in ferguson, missouri. this summit in white house, if i
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was one of the crui youth groupi would say mr. president, after spending that money on stimulus package, you promised a better economy, whereure the jobs? and why can't my child attend a better school instead of this failing urban k-12 system like in ferguson, and milwaukee, and most urban centers, why can i not decide where my kid goes to school to at least have a chance in life to reach their god given potential, that is what i would ask, but all we'll see is exchangeing of less an -- pleasantrys, and after they go home, and they go home, nothing changes. neil: a clear slap at legal authority in the game yesterday,
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by the rams players, what do you make of that. >> up to the nfl, and commissioner, i was appalleed by it as well. they are perpetrateing a lie, have you athletes that don't have a grasp of the facts that occurred, during that incident in ferguson. they know that playing on sunday, the nation will watch. they did what they did. i am glad that st. louis police union, i wish more police departments across america, and sheriff offices would start to take a stand against this nonsense, this is, tax on police -- attack on police, and that will continue. i am trying to do what i can, to be avoice for those officers that don't have one, someone has to start standing up, i issued a call over we think for all law abiding citizens to toes toe m e
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counter protests. neil: do you think it is wise for president, to take advice fromal sar al sharpton. >> you know, president should run as far and as fast as he can away from al sharpton. he is a troublemaker, a charlotte to know, a blow hard, he comes in, m he squeezes whatever juice he can out of the orange for his own self fulfilling purposes, i would tell the family of michael brown to say the same thing, run as far, and fast as you can from al sharpton, he will exploit you, and when cameras are off, everyone goes away you will be left for dealing with misery, god bless you for what you are going through, they god look down upon you, but al sharpton is no good.
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neil: sheriff, why aren't there more guys like you out there, a phrepleasure sure, great to havu here. he calls them as he sees them. neil: new york daily news calls them a house of terds. you would almost think they are fair and balanced. until you realize who they think of turds. somebody does not smell right here, i think it is the folks that write this stuff, not the folks they write about.
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neil: my spiel, we're getting a bad deal, so much for fair and balance, looking at this daily news headline, blasting this house of turds in congress. you would always thing it was even-handed, i looked closer there are three republicans here, one nonleader, senator ted cruz, who put him in there and why? i read this unsavory bunch could be cooking up another government shut down, not the whole bunch just the republican unsavory
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bunch, house speaker john boehner has yet to rule out possibility of a government shut down, i don't recall boehner saying anything about a shut down, i do remember him saying the opposite. just like i remember mitch mcconnell telling me in a interview on the same issue, no shut down, no way. but the news continued. lumping in boehner's all options are on the table regards president's unilateral move to delay deporting illegals, leaves aside same news papethey're had problem with president bush's executive order, this president's orders are fine, okay, fine. but is it me or are republicans labeled for being be on sta obstinate when they raise a fuss, and never democrats what they raise a fuss? they are both raising fusses,
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right? republicans are bad guys because they a no, not democrats because they say yes, be on steu steu be o, -- i do not expectmedia us upy on theedly fair news story to put the blame on one party. now that media surprise republican, and a lot of democrats are ticked? my friend, that is not just poisoning the well, that is the media mixing the poison. because the turds are not the ones inside of the capital. in this case, they are equally, foul-smelling journalists, supposedly covering the capital. that is my spiel. >> christopher bedford.
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it is alarming when you see this story alone, use it as a metaphor for a lot of mainstream media reporting. >> i think a problem with reporting is no not only so many reporters are liberal but they are lazy. they are not going to dig back or investigate, if republican said it is th the -- if the president said it is the republicans and he has the biggest mega-phone, they will go with that. today, they asked is obama going to shout down government, but he said yes, but that will not be headline news, you can be, everyone has opinions. if you think, and if you dig, you should not be afraid of the facts, you should be able to pullback but a lot of reporters are too darn lazy to go that extra step.
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neil: it does take two to tango, one side alone cannot shut down the government, the other side has to fight you all of the way or all but encourage you to do so. having said that, do you think we'll look at a shut down? we have a couple of crucial weeks december 11 is big one for funding for a lot of big things, if that day goes by without decision government would look at a partial shut down. >> i think this is unlikely, the last time we had a ship down, shut down, mcconnell and boehner said it was possible, they gave it a nod. this time, they have both said with zero sides we're not shutting it down, the government will not shut down. neil: what do you think that white house is doing or democrats doing? gun them into this? force them into this?
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embarrass them into this. >> the president definitely wants to push republicans into a shut down, and harr harry reid s to first them into a shut down, they think that it would be a obstacle win for democrats like last shut down it was unnecessary, shut down hundreds of niles of canals, a business in georgetown you could rent a boat, it is on federal land, they never had a rainier there once but -- ranger there once, but rangers were there every day from that point when they shut it down to make sure they were not renting out boats. neil: all right, all good stuff, christopher thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: you want to know quickest way to stop this bully? take away his money.
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neil: well, all americans just got a holiday bonus. gas prices below three bucks a gallon. oil prices at a five-year low. well, they ain't seen nothing yet. ti you see this continuing. explain. >> i do. from a demand standpoint, china using less oil. in the u.s. we're using less oil as well. we have the shale revolution. oil suppliers in the us making more and more oil. opec has voted not to decrease their production. and if we add keystone xl to that, we can have a lot of supply and not nearly as much supply. when you have more supply than demand, prices go down. we've seen them go down
8:33 pm
to the mid-60s. at its current trajectory, $40 a barrel. neil: not that it holds exactly to this peg, but under $2 a gallon, that would be a huge boost to consumers, that's about $30 a fill-up for the average american. that's money they don't spend at the gas pump. they spend it elsewhere in the economy. that's a great boost right around christmastime. obviously, a good thing. neil: you need just one international development or scare, and they, boom, reverse themselves. all things being equal, you don't see that? >> well, no. i don't necessarily see that. what i do see is, as the price per barrel goes down, opec will start to cut production, or if we see unrest in the middle
8:34 pm
east, that would bring the price back up. in the short-term, i see the prices continuing to go down. and, again, that's great for the american consumer. it's a win-win situation. neil: more money in their pockets. they richly deserve that. what is flipping faster than oil prices? what if i told you vladimir putin his oil country is careening its his currency. right about now, the noose around his political neck and the necks around his buddies who suddenly aren't so rich and so happy. forget about firing a shot. lizzie mcdonnell is right. it would have to maintain itself. >> in other words, if this goes on for the next decade, you'll have a russia fall. >> oil was hitting $142 a barrel. russia invaded georgia. he was feeling his power. that's why he invaded --
8:35 pm
he saw the oil boom. he wanted to get the gas she wilshell reserves. this could embolden him to invade another country. the country is in recession. the other thing, what a turn around from the people during the last presidential election of saying, the us oil boom won't matter. the oil prices are set by the global market. the us oil boom does matter. neil: now what alarms is the consensus saying all low oil prices are here to say. we know they can be disrupted quite easily. what do you say? >> i don't think they should have gotten back to $100. neil: what's driving it? >> if i had to say the one thing of all of it, people speculating commodities, investing in it as an asset class. they've been losing
8:36 pm
money in '08. that said, russia got itself into a tough situation. he can't cut production which would boost the price because he decided to go expansion soviet style. that's what bankrupted them. that's all they have. half their revenues. they taxed -- the royalty tractions huge. if the price goes to 65, their revenues fall that much. the currency is down. they can't afford that. he needs to retreat and lower his budget. because you can't do that on the income he's got coming in. neil: he's at risk. a lot of his buddies got rich themself with this wind. >> i think -- that's eloquent for you. neil: eloquence 24/7. >> putin is not worried. the winter is coming. europe will need me and my oil. prices will go back up.
8:37 pm
you guys are all overchanneling rating this. he needs oil to be at $100 a barrel. >> he doesn't think so. neil: impressions count for a lot. poker face. >> they only have flush cash 200 billion. already small businesses are defaulting the big guys who will default, in 1985 when the saudis quinn tippled production, the soviet union collapsed. >> he doesn't play a good game of poker. >> candy land. >> you think he will take his country to the ground? neil: yes, yes. >> if he was smart, you could say he's trying to drive -- to opec before. (?) we started -- neil: we don't need to. >> it costs $40 to get to. you wouldn't go taking over countries to do that. i don't see that.
8:38 pm
>> guys, thank you. after this, let us not get ahead of ourselves. putin may be running out of ways to raise dough, but not isis. they made 4 billion bucks off of something that has everything to do with this
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>> i'm florid maria bartiromo, the headlines of the week. as i talk with bob dole. the opening bell starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. right here on the fox business network. see you tomorrow. neil: well, oil. oil is really the new black. kidnappings have become their signature card. the former fii negotiator on how to stop the cash flow without giving in to demands. a lot easier said than
8:42 pm
done. obviously given the fact they take hostages and rarely release them should tell us we don't negotiate with them. what do we do? can you hear me, chris? >> oh, i can hear you, neil. thank you for having me on. neil: what do we do? >> we need a more carbohydrate approach. we need to engage them in scmeuks slowl -- slowly shute supply off. it will be hard. it's been tried in the past. it's been an utter failure. people find a way to get around prohibitions on ransom. neil: families working with foreign countries doing the same ultimately do pay that money. (?) so aren't they -- chagrined enough that very few are ultimately released and it's a waste of effort?
8:43 pm
>> well, to my knowledge, everyone that a ransom has been paid on, has been released. when you're in the commodity business, you pay the commodity. that's true for isis. neil: do you know in their cases that a ransom was never paid, never offered? >> the recent beheadings, and i've had a pretty close view of what's been going on, there haven't been any ransoms. neil: interesting. interesting. so those who have paid ransoms have avoided that same fate, i'll defer to you. you're the expert. that's going to entice others to just follow suit and say the better part is pay up. it might be a large sum to reward this type of behavior, but at least our loved ones come home. >> well, that's exactly what happens. i mean, they're terrorized. they're all alone. they don't know how to
8:44 pm
deal with this. their knee-jerk reaction is throw money at the problem, which is understandable, but unwise. they don't have to do it. if they had help, it wouldn't work out that way. >> but they'd end up dead if they didn't pay a ransom. right? >> yeah. you have to get into the gray. it's not a black and white. either pay or don't pay. it's engaged in a process and use the process against the kidnappers. neil: brad pitt, kim jong-un. we connect. be aware chubby dictators when they show their fe fewer ease seriously next
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>> all right. first up in our biz
8:48 pm
blitz, so much for that buying blitz. cyber monday is turning into cyber week and maybe even cyber month as shoppers are seeing endless deals online. it's not producing the holiday sales they hope. tracy, you say this is why black friday tanked because they're expecting this every day. >> i am shopping on the 24th, and i will get the best deals. velveeta is so cheap. retailers are stuck. everyone is come to say as we expected on friday with their slippers ordering online. walmart, target had their best seasons ever. brick-and-mortar are dying. they have no choice to drop those prices to get you in the door. (?) we'll get better deals. >> the real tightwads wait until the 26th.
8:49 pm
>> twenty-sixth. [laughter] >> some big story behind this. neil: regifts. >> i won't tell you between the oil collapsing and this number you would think we're in a major recession. this is a huge hit compared to last year. these sales are -- neil: remember these are volatile numbers. >> the retailers have turned this into a shopping holiday, it's not fun it f you'r if you're a consumer. the real shopper shoppers are online. i think a lot of those things are working together. the high-end sales will be good. >> we're in a recession, one or the other. neil: we front-loaded. sprinkled it throughout the season. the deals are always there. >> listen, 6 million fewer shoppers this year versus last year. neil: is that right? >> that's what the national retail
8:50 pm
federation is saying. i think the roboshopper will always be out there for a deal. the final ten days leading up to christmas, that's when you'll see discounts happening. we'll see. >> more than what we're seeing now? >> yeah. neil: from cyber sales to cyber santa. sony hacked by north korea because its angry dictator didn't find the comedy one bit funny. i don't think this is one bit funny, he even said. i don't know if he sounds like that, but north koreans don't like it. hack it or pirate it, make free profits of it. financial hit the maker. >> i would think they like it, the premise is the us is trying to kill them. so their dear leader -- neil: we like a movie about people trying to kill you. why do i sound like that? >> you think this is based solely on this guy
8:51 pm
going to decree -- neil: apparently. >> i think the hacking is becoming a government thing more than -- and i'm not sure the korean government is behind this. we're doing hack being attacks. nuclear thing in iran. you know, i think some hackers do it because -- neil: you make a lot of pirated copies of a movie for free before it comes out. you obviously hit that company in this case sony hard. >> you know, what's interesting, the jpmorgan hack. people thought it was russia. you know, because of the us sanctions against russia. the fbi is saying they have no proof it is russia that did that. what they're theorizing is that former workers of the russia government the government knew how to do cyber security. they're trying to make money on their own. neil: who are these guys? they have current run
8:52 pm
movies. are they the ones -- >> you can go to the local car wash. neil: they're not quality. >> the bar is so low in my house. neil: listen to you. neil, take it from me. >> this movie would never have expected to get this much press. i bet you kim jong-il is like investing -- he's an investor. neil: by the way, the guy who plays him is a lot thinner. big mistake. >> how hollywood is that. neil: that was funny. everybody just lightened up. >> i think it's great for the movie. >> that was one of the biggest hacks ever. >> you can get a copy of annie. neil: in the meantime, schumer, gruber separated at birth? i'll explain next to next
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8:55 pm
>> and what the chuck? schumer throwing the president under the bus
8:56 pm
on health care? >> democrats blew the opportunity the american people gave them. we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem: health care reform. neil: you led the charge. more like steam, senior senator saying obamacare is an abomination. chuck cheurchuck schumer is sayg the law is the problem. it's very different from the time chuck was saying this. >> when people learn what's actually in the bill and all the good it does, it's going to become more and more popular. i think there's a broad consensus that we should do something on health care. it is good for america. we will pass this bill. we will finish this great unfinished business. neil: wait a minute. now, i tried very hard to give him the benefit of the doubt, even arguing better to be
8:57 pm
honorably late than forever wrong. let's say you guys weren't so kind. allen, i couldn't believe when you said schumer is honorable. he honorably gave the president the heave ho. >> chuck takes first honors. bob in dallas shock over the senator's health care 180. hey, sparky, you do have digital evidence. schumer is not honorable. he's dedicated to be a consistent liar. neil, is schumer trying to admit he's duped without admitting he's a stupid american voter. maybe it's a good time to get the people around the idea, if the congressman can't read the bill, then he or she should not be voting for the bill. >> neil, if the voters reelect senator schumer, they will reinforce that the voters are stupid. i guess the question,
8:58 pm
are they. why is the media making michael brown a martyr and protesters victims. nancy has had it. thank you for having nigel on your program. they had the best comments on the topic. you're right, cavuto. it's not racist to cover those who didn't burn buildings down. it's racist not to. fh via comcast, the nonstop coverage of looters are giving the criminals a reason to continue. without all the attention, i believe they would probably go away. oh, if it were that simple. cj in florida: we know about calories. we don't know what's going on in our own country. joe: as a woman, i find it offensive that your female personalities are screechers rather than competent strong woman who can make their point on logical grounds. >> why can't they do
8:59 pm
both, men and women, jo? what do you mean? shannon, why do you seem to have a need to scream and interrupt guests. what are you talking about? i love your show, but i turned it off when your panelists wouldn't stop talking over each other. panelists, you're not here, but please stop, they hate this. tom: neil, i should have watched you enough to say, if you had an extra on to talk about a subject after talking a question, shut the f up. i have zero interest in what you say. then you can flip the channel. who needs you. i'm trying to keep them on topic. please try the other channels. finally roger, i heard obama decided to eat the turkey and pardon al sharpton. eat the turkey, pardon
9:00 pm
al sharpton. you're good. you're good. all right. go to let me know what you think. as always, thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. kennedy: ferguson isn't going away. bursting with agitation, it becomes its own creature. safe for the race baiters, what's left of the protest is more important part of the conversation. now, what? what happens to the police? what do they look like? and what can you company when you call them and conversely, what can the police expect when they call on you? anyone with too much skin in the game has to step aside because they're doing nothing to aid in transformation. something has to change. it has to evolve. it does not have to be a bloody revolution. when something broils as long a


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